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Decorative pots

sierpotten chroom

Our decorative pots are made of polypropylene. The design is nicely finished with small details; hence they are certainly not inferior to ceramic or glass. Lightweight and unbreakable are one of the benefits here. The decorative pots are from Pots4Luck, consisting of two ranges: Silva and Chapo. Moreover, we have champagne bottle-picks, to decorate your plant.

Both ranges can be produced in every needed color. We can also chrome our pots and picks. Added value for your plants, that is paramount.

sierpotten silvaSilva
The Silva is a decorative pot in de shape of a champagne cooler, where a luck-element is added. The Silva fits for a variety of plants, because of her different sizes. The smallest size is perfect for a cactus, and the Oxalis fits perfectly in this range because of the luck-element.

pot diameter hoogte inhoud pallet doos
Silva 5,5 6 5,5 0,085L 41250 1650
Silva 7 7,6 7 0,17L 22425 897
Silva 9 9,5 8,3 0,37L    
Silva 10,5 11,6 9,7 0,62L     
Silva 12 13 10,5 0,82L    


sierpotten chapoChapo
The Chapo is our decorative pot in the shape of a hat. The ideal silhouette to distinguish your product from others. This pot is also used a lot for New Year’s Eve (Sylvester), for the Oxalis. But it can also serve as a decorative pot for a lot of other plants.

pot diameter hoogte inhoud pallet doos
Chapo 5,5 5,5/7,1 5,4 0,11L    
Chapo 6/7 7,0/8,7 6,3 0,20L 17600 704
Chapo 9 9,0/11,5 7,8 0,40L 12100 484
Chapo 10,5 10,5/14 9,5 0,73L 4950 198


Champagne bottles
Flesje groen en chroomOur pick, the champagne bottle, will be delivered in a chic, dark green color. Next to the fine design, it also has a sticker, similarly to real champagne bottles. This pick is the ideal eyecatcher for New Year’s Eve and Sylvester.

The standard length of the champagne bottles is 18cm in height (including wooden stick) this can be modified on request only.



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You don’t have time to sort out which pots you need? Tell us what you need, and we will look for you. We will check our assortment and see which pots fit your needs and what other possibilities there are. This way you have a clear overview, and you only have to look at the special selection we made for you.